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Hacienda 3 M Horse Riding Club, Terrell TX
Located only 30 miles east of downtown Dallas!
Don’t have a horse, but love to ride? Don’t have a horse and thinking about riding? For a limited time you can join the Hacienda 3 M Horse Riding Club. Enjoy riding in the round pen, arena, or pasture without any worries of buying saddles, tack, or feeding your new best friend. Reservations are required.
Riding is $35 per hour per person. This includes safety tips and an intro to riding; as well as grooming and saddling.
Lessons are available upon request.
Parents or significant others can make themselves comfortable sitting under the trees or on the porch while waiting.
In addition we have a new special going on right now where you can RENT THE RANCH! Rent the covered porch, seating area outside the trees, BBQ Grill and arena with 2 horses saddled to ride for $150 for 2 hours. Bring your own food and beverages and have a great time! Adults and children welcome. Twenty person limit.
This is 50% off for a limited time!
We are family oriented and want everyone to be safe and have a great time. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
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Call 903-900-2027
Gated Entry.
Owners live on premise.
Reservations are required.